PATENT Attorney
in Atlanta, Georgia

Licensed to Practice before the USPTO and in the State of Georgia
Associate at Thomas | Horstemeyer, LLP

Interest in the Law

Intellectual Property 

In his law school journey, Zach tried to take as many Intellectual Property courses offered at Emory; specifically, Zach took:

  • Patent
  • Patent Litigation
  • Patent Prosecution
  • Trade Secrets
  • Copyright
  • Internet Law
  • TI:ger
  • Patent Invention Disclosure Practicum
  • Seminar: Patents Role in Global Health


Zach participated in TI:ger (Technological Innovation: Generating Economic ResultsTechnological Innovation: Generating Economic Results), a partnership between Emory Law and Georgia Tech to create a startup.


Zach is a patent attorney licensed by the USPTO. As a software developer, Zach has a unique insight about the technical requirements of software related inventions.  Zach focuses the majority of his time on patent matters


Zach is interested in copyright law due to the creative nature of the works.  Additionally, when patents may not always protect software, the code may likely be protected by copyright law. 

Trade Secrets

Zach understands that situations occur which prevents inventors from receiving a patent.  In many situations, a trade secret may be a way an inventor could protect their ideas.


Before Zach Went To Law School, He Was a Software Developer at Caxiam in Orlando, FL

In his 6-year tenure at Caxiam, Zach created interactive server applications primarily using Java, Python, and Coldfusion.  Zach helped train new employees, establish better development practices, and build a more stable infrastruture for Caxiam’s clients.

See All of Caxiam’s Work


Zach Graduated Salutatorian at Full Sail University

Zach graduated Salutatorian at Full Sail University with a Bachelors of Science in Web Design & Development (a Computer Science equivalent).  Full Sail University prepares students to perform highly technical work in the real world.


Zach Graduated  Emory University School of Law

Emory developed Zach’s legal skills to prepare him for a career in intellectual property.